Fort Ord Photo Gallery

Fort Ord Then , Past scenes of the way Fort Ord was.

Viewers comments of their stay at Fort Ord, entries dated back to 1998

Basic Training and AIT Platoon Photos from 1960 - 1975

Helpful links to some of the Veterans Services on the Monterey Peninsula

Visit the Veterans Transition Center at Martinez Hall  The Fort Ord Golf Courses now open to the public

The Fort Ord Remembered Page featured in the Monterey County Herald

A web site dedicated to the 7th Infantry Division

The California State University Monterey Bay, centered in what used to be the old Artillary and Infantry barracks

Are you a military brat, locate your old friends online

C R Swann Computer Services Home Page



Fort Ord Main Gate on Hwy 1

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A row of the old WWII Barracks during the 40s

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Troops shopping at the old PX during the post war years.

Stillwell Hall Then

Stillwell Hall in it's early years when it was the  Solders Club 

New Quarters 1940s

A new Place to live                      

The old Service Club

The old Service Club and Cafeteria 

Army Life

Army life in the 1940s                   

Fort Ords Basic Training days ( 1966/67)

       Basic Training Days  Click Small Pictures to enlarge  Chain of Command

Drill Instructors     Life on Fort Ord      Life on Fort Ord

Troop Training and Inspection time    

Basic Training photos taken from yearbook donated

by former Drill Sgt Tom Henderson

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